What is PureNex Raw Wildflower Honey?

  • PureNex Raw Wildflower Honey is made by extracting honey from the honeycombs of the hive and pouring it over a nylon cloth to separate the honey from impurities like beeswax and bee parts. Once strained, raw honey is ready to be bottled. No artificial flavours, colouring and preservative are added into our raw honey. 


What is the difference between raw honey and regular honey?

  • The primary distinction between raw honey and regular honey is the pasteurization and filtration process of the regular honey. Pasteurization is the method where honey is heated at elevated temperatures. It also prevents the honey from crystallisation and makes its appearance more attractive. While regular honey is standard and uniform in color, raw honey looks milky and its crystals could melt in hot or warm water.
  • Another difference is that raw honey preserve the nutrients and lots of useful enzymes that help to boost your immune system. Most of these enzymes and vitamins cannot stand high temperatures and they will lose their beneficial qualities under high heat. Therefore, regular honey may not have as many health advantages as raw honey.


How long can I keep the honey?

    • Honey can be kept for a very long time if it is sealed properly when it is not being used. If you do let it open for extended periods of time, it may spoil because honey will draw moisture from the surrounding. When King Tut's tomb in Egypt was opened, a 2,000-year-old jar of honey was found and it was still perfectly edible!


    Do I store the honey in refrigerator?

      • Raw honey does not require to be refrigerated as it might cause the honey to crystallize. Instead, store raw honey in a dry and cool environment such as a kitchen cabinet. Keep raw honey away from direct sunlight or from heat-producing appliances like your stove, oven or refrigerator.


      Can I still consume the honey after crystallization?

        • After a long while honey might change its texture, but its composition remains the same. In fact, it’s due to its composition the change of texture, but even after crystallization, honey remains the same – the same taste and nutrients.


        Why is there a ring of bubble on the top of the honey container?

          • PureNex Multiflora Raw Honey does not undergo dehydration and pasteurization process. Therefore, our honey is still active and may continue with the fermentation process even after packaging. The ring of tiny bubble at the top of the bottle is a result of the fermentation process and the honey is perfectly fine to be consumed.


          Will my raw honey attract ants?

            • Ants are attracted to food with moisture. Honey which has less than 20% moisture would not attract ants. However, as honey is exposed to the environment, it naturally draws moisture from the air to the outer layer of the honey and this will attract ants. Hence it is important to clean off any excess of honey on the container after each use to avoid ants. 


            Why is the colour of the raw honey not consistent from time to time?

              • PureNex Multiflora Raw Honey varies in colours and taste as our bees harvest the nectar from different wild rainforest flowers which are blooming during the season. The honey will be lighter in colour if it is harvested from flowers with light colour and vice versa.