About Us

Our humble apiary is located at the edge of the reserved forest near Karak, Pahang. The rich vegetation in the reserved forest and the nearby plantations allows our bees to forage and produce the best local pure honey. 

We practice natural beekeeping in our apiary by providing the bees a good environment in which they can thrive without relying on synthetic pesticides, antibiotic drugs or the regular use of artificial diet. 

We also believe that high quality honey should be in its raw form in order to preserve all the natural goodness and nutrients that give honey its healing properties. Therefore, our raw honey is unpasteurised, unheated and unfiltered. We only strain our honey to remove visible substances such as honeycomb and bee particles before packaging. A small quantity of bee pollen might still present in the raw honey. No artificial flavour, colouring and preservative are added to our raw honey throughout the process.  

As we own the apiary and are in control of the whole process from harvesting up to packaging, we are able to guarantee the purity of our raw honey.

In addition to raw honey, we harvest other bee products such as bee pollen and propolis which are full of nutrients and health properties.  

PureNex envisions to become the trusted brand in producing the highest quality of Malaysia raw honey and other bee products.